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The Purpose of this Collection:
My motto in my music is to speak life to the dead. This EP is a reflection of that. There is a lack of spiritual life, a form of death, all around us. We have the power of life in our words, especially when we speak words about Christ. I may not explicitly say “Jesus” in every line, but I plan to speak hope, joy, peace, and love until the dead draw closer. Then I share life with them.  This project is for those who are willing to search, to be the divers (Diver and the Deep), to experience love (Old Picture Show), to treat others as they hope to be treated knowing we are all unique (Circus Freaks), to come to a place of desperation (Bone Dry), to meet Jesus who saves (Hallowed Ground), and to hopefully one day experience salvation (When I Gave You Me).  If nothing else comes of this but a few minutes of joy in someone's life, then I've done my part!

Mission in Music:

Michael Lacey is a singer/songwriter from North Mississippi who has a desire to share his songs with the world. Adopting a mantra early on, he hopes to "speak life to the dead" in a world where hope disappoints and the so-called love fails. Believing in a bigger truth, he wants to bring people along with him on his journey of discovery through the depth of songwriting. The title of his debut EP "The Diver and The Deep", which inspired the track "Diver and The Deep", challenges each listener to become a diver and search the depths of life, personally and corporately.


Michael is a worship leader at Life Fellowship Church where he plays acoustic guitar, rhythm electric, and occasionally banjo, as well as leading songs vocally. He is married to a fellow worship leader, Ashton Lacey, and they have a beautiful baby boy, Nathan Avery.

Michael has just written his first BOOK! It's a worship devotional for filled with timely encouragements for Christian worshipers.  Download it NOW or learn more here.