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Hallowed Ground

Preacher man ain’t got no power

without the Holy Ghost in this dark dark hour

Heaven calling, ask that we turn

While Hell is waiting for us to burn

Hallowed Ground where the dead go to rest         Whoa Oh

Spend our days speaking life to the dead      Whoa Oh

Preacher man ain’t got no pow’r

‘thout the Holy Ghost in this dark dark hour

Heaven calling, ask that we turn

While Hell is waiting for us to burn

Spirit man, He’s got that pow’r

Walking through the dark dark hour

Heaven gonna call him up

While Hell is shaking under us

I got the devil on my back

and he’s not stopping, no

Oh he’s weighing me down,

it’s hard to keep walking, on    

Only Jesus can save me, only Jesus can save

Holy Ghost come ‘a raise me, Holy Ghost come ‘a raise

Only Jesus can save me, only Jesus can save

Circus Freaks

When the circus comes to town

And we freaks starts coming around

Set the camp up for the new

Stage of life we’ve moved into

People freak out at the freaks out wondering all around

They fear us while the mirrors reflect their world’s upside down.

What they see is not much different than me

Cause we’re all just Circus Freaks

We are giants, jugglers, and clowns

Who fight the fear to face our frowns

All different and distinct

On display for all to see

Gather ‘round!

Humor me if you wish to see the wonders this world offers

Look all around at all to be found among your seats of scoffers

Life brings pain, we aim the blame exploiting our differences

When we’re so vain, we can’t refrain from mocking one’s uniqueness

When I Gave You Me

We live where the air meets the ground

We fly as we walk with the stars all around

We laugh, dance, sing from our hearts

While glistening waters light up the dark

As the moon, (moon light shines) moon-light shines on us

Sing this tune, (sing this tune) sing the sound of love

This world is one short starry night

This foretaste of heaven is just the moonlight

We’re making the most of every part

Stop to imagine life out of the dark

The stars in the sky are brighter than I

Ever hoped they’d be

The moment that I gave you my life

You opened it up to me

When I Gave You Me

Bone Dry

Fill up my soul, marrow in my bones

Blood is the life that keeps me from alone

This life is trashed, I am outcast

The dust created reminds me of my past

Don’t leave me Bone Dry

Not even able to cry

Broken and can’t heal, not even able to feel

Don’t leave me, Bone Dry

My blank tombstone has no name to hold

Without a life, I’m just a ghost                              

From death to life, I gave up mine

So I could learn, to see the light

Don’t leave me Bone Dry

Empty of my former life

Ready to be healed, yearning to be filled

Don’t leave me Bone Dry

Diver and The Deep

Whoa ah oh oh oh

Standing at the bottom of the sea

The Diver and The Deep

Seeing unimaginable things

What you wish for in dreams

Hidden wisdom awaits in deepest holes

You’ll learn as far as you’ll go-o-whoa oh whoa oh o-ohh

You’ll only find what you decide to keep

Don’t be afraid to search your so-o-whoa oh whoa oh o-oul

It’s the only way to see(it’s the only way through the sea)

Become the Diver, and search The Deep

Whoa ah oh oh oh

Surrounded but all alone

As the ocean opens up

Surrendered to the weight of what’s below

The search for the unknown

Ships carry on above

While I stare through my glass hole

To the unwavering deep

Earnestly calling out to me

In its fullness, in its fullness

As it waits there for me

Old Picture Show

Isn’t it romantic: when that old reel starts turning?

Crackling and skipping like my heart when you’re next to me

It is quite enchanting: when you see those first scenes start blinking

Like me in my disbelief that you chose me

I want to take you to an Old Picture Show

Sepia-toned romance as I hold your hand

Make the dreams on the screen come true

Happily ever after for me and you

Isn’t this amazing: all this life from empty space?

Like on that day when I first saw your face

I want you to embrace being alive, all the stillness brought to life inside

This is our once upon a time, let’s live til ‘The End’ comes in sight


music, melody, and lyrics written by Michael Lacey